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Despite a decade of growing popularity of natural food, there is still confusion with the correct understanding of the term “organic food“, because there are different interpretations used in all sorts of contexts. It’s time to put an end to this mess! Most people rightly associate the idea of ​​”organic” with the non-interference of any kind of chemistry in food production, but there remains a part of those unfamiliar with the standards of agriculture and the conditions for which this idea is applicable. Organic food is partly defined as an agricultural product obtained without the use of synthetic chemicals in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth accelerators. However, this concept is also based on the UK Organic Standards List, which includes a production system designed to produce “high nutritional value” organic food using management practices without agrochemical additives and minimizing harm to the environment and wildlife. This rule also applies to land adapted for growing crops and animal feed. In the UK, this means that all farms and production facilities must meet agreed standards. When checking and fulfilling all the conditions, production can be registered and approved as a supplier of environmentally friendly or organic products.